sábado, 23 de mayo de 2009


Por fin logre ponerle cabecera al blog, no es la definitiva, pero hay que comenzar por algo. De momento estoy cosiendo y cosiendo, espero pronto poder empezar a colgar fotos de los broches que estoy haciendo. Mañana me voy a la playa, y me llevo una cajita con hilos y fieltro, espero poder avanzar.

Finally I get started with this, the picture above is not the definitive, but I had to start with something. I speak spanish, and I know that my written english is not very good, but one of the goals of this blog is to do it in both languages (so, sorry for the mistakes...)

I'm sewing right now, and I hope to finish some felt brooches soon, so I can put some pictures of them. Tomorrow I leave to the beach and I'm taking some felt with me , I hope I can do a little of work.